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Welcome to The Creative Artist Online Database

New Professions Added! Jun. 22, 2015

As the site continues to grow, new professions will inevitably be added.

Today we are pleased to announce the addition of three new professions for your creative needs; Directors, Camera Operators, and Sound Mixers.

Additionally we have improved the performance of the site and squashed many bugs, which will lead to the support of even more professions in the near future.

Mobile Accessibility Has Been Released! May 15, 2015

The entire website now has a fully functional, automatic, mobile friendly design so that the entire site can be readily available to you whenever you need it.

The CAODb is here! Mar. 7, 2015

Welcome to The Creative Artist Online Database! Your online source for advertising your talents, to find local artists and collaborators.

As the site is brand new, there maybe a few hiccups as we roll everything out, and as always the site will contine to expand to better service it's members.

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